Historiska museet


Here you can read about Sweden's history in easy English.

Follow Sweden's history
from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.


The Stone Age

15,000 years ago Scandinavia was covered in thick ice.
It was cold and no-one lived here.
But the climate changed.
It got warmer and the ice slowly began to melt.


The Bronze Age

Archaeologists often describe the Bronze Age
as a time of cults and religion.
There are rock carvings from this period which really make us think.
Shining bronze objects have been found in lakes and bogs.


The Iron Age

The Iron Age in Scandinavia is between 500 BC and 1050 AD.
This is the time when iron begins to be common in Scandinavia.
The Iron Age ends with the Viking period


The Middle Ages

Italian writers in the 16th century thought the Middle Ages was a dark time
Is that true? Find out here.

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